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Voice actors needed!


The Ascension Virtual Reality Interactive Media and Games MFA Thesis is looking for voice actors for the following roles:

- Maxwell - Player Guiding Character

- Commander Liu Wei - Taiwanese Aeronautical Engineer

- Engineer Stephen Jeffrey Hobbs - African American Aeronautical Engineer

- Father Thomas Sani, SJ. MD.  - Navajo Jesuit Priest - Doctor and Astronomer

- Dani Kilian - American Botanist and Agriculturalist

- Dr. Candace Ross - Bioinformatics specialist 

- Father of Thomas Sani - Navajo Doctor

- Command Center NASA Engineer

- News Anchor 

- HOUSTON - Ship AI Communication System Previous voice acting experience is not required to audition. You can find the form for auditions (with links to scripts and some character profiles) below: The deadline to apply is February 1st. Ascension VR is an investigative virtual reality experience that promotes engagement with science within a narrative where the player manipulates time and interviews characters using a speech recognition system to find out why a space shuttle crashes.  If you have any questions, please email For more information, go to Best regards, Ascension VR Team

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